Vipps on LineageOS / Vipps på LineageOS

Vipps is not supported on rooted devices


Vipps refuse to start on LineageOS 17.1 running on my Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (a3xelte) complaining that it doesn't support "rooted" devices, but LineageOS does not allow apps root access. It does, however, allow you a root shell via adb and this is what prevents Vipps from running.

To disable root debugging you need to change ro.debuggable from 1 to 0 in the default.prop file located in the root file system.

On your phone go to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options and turn on Android debugging and Rooted debugging.

On your computer start the adb daemon with root permissions $ adb root and enter a root shell $ adb shell.

Now in the root shell on your phone, remount the root filesystem as read-write a3xeltexx:/ # mount --remount -o rw /

Edit default.prop a3xeltexx:/ # vim default.prop and change the value of ro.debuggable from 1 to 0.

Save the file and exit the editor and the shell. Reboot your phone. Vipps should now be working. Rooted debugging should no longer be a visible option under Developer options. This change will be reverted when you upgrade to a newer build. If you want Vipps working with rooted debugging available, or on a rooted phone for that matter, tools such as Magisk or Xposed might make that possible.

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